Friday, August 15, 2014



'Bang Bang Bang' was the only word ringing in my head the moment I walked off from the cinema hall yesterday from the premiere event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the number was the first and the most exciting song that popped out perfectly and sadly that was the only attraction worth visiting again.

The film starts off with Krishna played by Surya who goes in search of his brother, Raju Bhai and my oh my Surya did steal the show with the very style he had. The background music from Yuvan soared perfectly and the technical aspects of the film was first class be it the camerawork or cinematography. The pairing of Surya and Samantha was fresh and Samantha did made an impact by providing a couple of tickling humors here and there and these were the only positives from the film.

So what went wrong with Anjaan? Almost everything!!!

The film started well and it took its own sweet time to build up to the plot as expected in almost all commercial Tamil films. Soori had so little screen time and barely made an impact as a comedian while on the other hand Samantha took over as the cute and witty city girl. Vidyut Jamwal as Chandru did justice to his role but the lip sync was a disaster! Villain roles played throughout the film was cardboard acting at its best and sometimes you can't help but to laugh at these scenes.

The first half of the film had too many loopholes and illogical scenes or situations in which case I decided not to bother as it was a film that was made to be so and the only thing I was hanging unto at that very moment was the promised twists and turns which somewhat disappointed after the interval block. Predictable was the only word I uttered throughout the film and clocking in at an almost three hours, the film just drags it's dead body to the finish point. Although songs in the film were shot beautifully, the placement was utter dreadful especially in the second half. No big highlights on the dialogues here sincerely speaking and this is by far the worst outing from N.Lingusamy.

Nothing will be able to stop Anjaan from rampaging the box-office as the hype surrounding it is enormous! Despite all the biggies name in it, Anjaan fails to live up to its hype and was made only for the hardcores.

Conclusion : Extreme style over an almost been-there-seen-that plot. The film deteriorates with time salvaging only the excellent technical aspects and Surya's undoubtful performance.

Friday, August 1, 2014


It's been almost a year since I did my reviews and Mr Karthik Subbaraj, you've made me to write this up because your Jigarthanda was freakin delicious!

Whistle and clap points :

  • Cast that fitted their roles perfectly
  • Flawless performance from Simha, Karuna and Siddharth
  • Background music from S.Narayanan was magical
  • First-class editing, cinematography and camera work and probably one of the best in Tamil industry till date
  • Vijay Sethupathi's cameo appearance was well done
  • Storyline that grips you for an almost three hour film. The heart-stopping intermission block and a couple of twist and turns henceforth made the film special and worthwhile.
The so-so points :
  • Lakshmi Menon did justice to her role and despite the three hour runtime, she had just a limited screen time but my god she did made an impact during emotional scenes.

 Mokke points:
  • None

While the first half of the film gives enough thrills, the second will just simply turn you around from what you expected it to be. The hardwork thrown into it is clearly seen and my sincere wishes that the film will be a super-hit!

Conclusion : Fresh, gripping and refreshing. Jigarthanda sets up the benchmark in Tamil cinema. Mass and class served well!