Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Pre-release hype (1/10): Coming a week after India's release into Malaysia, hype was little to none. Slight buzz generated with good reviews and active social network marketing by distributors nudged the film up a little. Limited release in Malaysia.

Songs Review (-)

Story, screenplay, plot and dialogues (7/10): It had the ability to connect with audiences from the very first scene. Dialogues and plot was raw and direct. Sensitive real life issues were explored well. Enough pace to keep you hooked. Nothing to complain about and courage to delve into tabooed topics in society is a welcome.

Performances (10/10): For a script demanding natural and powerful performances, honestly, I'm not sure who else would have perfected their roles better than those in the film itself! From the main characters (Andrea & Vasanth) to cast with smaller roles (Anjali & Azhagam Perumal), it was their acting that made you not realize you were watching a movie!

Songs-in-movie sync & timing (9/10): No issues whatsoever as stumbling blocks to screenplay. No songs brought out of story and no commercial aspects to it. Huge plus for this film.

Technical team (8/10): BGM from Yuvan was mild, subtle yet powerful when it should be. Silent scenes spoke really well. No issues here whatsoever as well. 

Cinematic value (4/10): Although my watch was on 'Herotalkies' (legal streaming site), I don't see a need to watch it as a compulsory in cinemas. Lots of scenes that needs to be watched alone or in silent due to seriousness of matter and no heavy uses of surround system as well. Don't really have to watch it on the biggest screen + biggest sound. Honestly, I don't regret not being able to watch in cinemas. You won't miss much anyways.

Conclusion: Maybe not a must-watch on the big screen but definitely a must watch of the year!

Clarification: I need to add this because although cinema is just a form of entertainment and not to be taken so seriously in the first place, not many will have the same mindset while watching films. This movie however dealt with real life issues of LGBT and disloyalty in marriages, and therefore gives audiences a sense of reality and truthfulness. Therefore, I would like to clarify a scene of which Althiya will address her husband after finding out that he is a gay. Both of them, seemed to play their roles as Christians yet not a true Christian in walk of life. This is because Andrea as Althiya will state to her husband that being a gay isn't a sin and it isn't his fault. Biblical references on the other hand will support and agree of homosexuality being a sin.  

Homosexuality falsifies what God designed. Sin often means not only rejecting God but denying or rejecting how and why we are made. Though it may be considered acceptable by some today -- even in some churches -- it is not acceptable to God. And we need to take that seriously. In spite of the growing secular humanist trend to think "it's ok to be gay," it's not a righteous lifestyle. Most vocal Christians are not homophobic, but are trying to share Christ's love for homosexuals and trying to keep them from horrific judgment. REFERENCED FROM HERE

I'm not trying to create a ruckus here but would personally like to clarify with viewers who would have accidentally accepted this scene to be morally correct from a religious point of view. Thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Pre-release hype (9/10): It has been a long wait and a long build-up to it as well! Being promoted as an International Spy Thriller Film, hype has been high and healthy too. Expect huge box office collection in its first weekend due to advance bookings!

Songs review (6/10): Anirudh's music is loud and peppy, far from his best.

Story/screenplay/plot/dialogues (2/10): Under-developed plots, lots of logic loopholes and mistakes for an international film. Wish it focused more on the story. Dialogues on the other hand were mediocre. Some action scenes are influenced by Hollywood films as well. Writing for the villain role was a joke. Major disappointment in this category.

Performances (8/10): A full mark for Ajith sir for sure. Kajal was acceptable and Akshara Hassan brought freshness when the movie began to dull. Besides that, everyone played their part well without any major issues, in exception of Vivek Oberoi who was made more of a joker than a villain.

Songs-movie sync/timing (4/10): While Ajith singing with a mic over Yogi B's voice seemed unnecessary in 'Surviva' and 'Kadhaala' song being predictable, 'Veriyera' track at the climax was enough to spoil the film.

Cinematic value @ technical team (10/10): A major plus point of the film. Without it, Vivegam might just end up as the worst film of the year. Anirudh's background music, editing and camerawork at its best. Definitely worth the watch on a big screen!

Conclusion: One time watchable on the big screen. Applauds for grand set-pieces but a definite disappointment for cinema-lovers.


Thursday, April 14, 2016


Finally, beating the hype, craze, crowd and personal excitements, I can proudly say that I've watched Theri (First day first show) as it released tonight in selected Malaysian cinemas and from everywhere tomorrow onwards. Being a Vijay fan, I would like to say that I'm not interested in writing a biased or selective review. I'm a fan of good films/quality cinema and I never hesitate pointing out the flaws or celebrating how awesome a scene could be. So here it goes, my Theri spoiler-free review;

What makes up a good film? It's ability to convince you to watch it again becomes the strength of success for any movie nowadays. So the very question that came up to my mind was, should I go for Theri again? The 'Vijay' in me would definitely force me to go for it but then the rational self of me denies this premise. What could have gone so wrong?

The film deserves a very big credit just for its background score. If it was Anirudh setting the bar for Kaththi then its G.V Prakash Kumar for Theri today, he has nailed it big time by surpassing every expectations! Songs were placed timely in the film and was never a major barrier in screenplay. Everybody on screen justified themselves as an actor or actress very well. Be it the playful Nainika-Vijay combo or the romantic Samantha-Vijay pair, these combinations were a delight to watch. The technical team behind the film lifted the film to the level it is now. Just by seeing the trailer we would have known how good the editor, cinematographer, stunt master, make-up artists or costume designers should have been and yes, they lived up to the expectations very well. The costumes were eye-pleasing, the action sequences were finally realistic and the screenplay goes so quick that you wouldn't even know what the whole thing is about. It's either a racy film trying to chase a ghost or a distraction so that you wouldn't grasp the plot.

Theri feels like a mash of genres, battered so fast and unevenly most of the time. It tries so hard to do everything and show everything that it finally ends up being its own suicide rope. Remember how 'Thuppaki' developed a single social message of an army man overcoming terrorism or how a common police officer could take down a powerful tycoon in 'Thani Oruvan'? That's the very reason why you visit these films regularly as the theme of the film was an attraction by itself. When it comes to Theri, it slams moral messages unto your face every now and then without developing them into a single powerful concept. The whole film feels under-developed and were mostly predictable as well. I guess the only thing that worked in this Atlee-Vijay combo were the 'massy' scenes, which was a cakewalk for Vijay himself in the first place and its occasional powerful dialogues throughout. Despite the talented casts, expertise in technicalities and a whole lot of budget, no mass or class of Vijay could save this poorly under-developed, deeply commercialism-rooted and predictable film from being what it is.

Conclusion: Way better than 'Puli' yet so far from 'Thuppaki'. A few powerful hits yet mostly major misses throughout.