Saturday, May 7, 2016


    While the title of Suriya's next was announced as '24' and declared itself as a science-fiction film years ago, I was surprised and very much speculative if such project would even go well with Tamil audiences. As time changes, so do people. We're all much more aware as we're ready to nitpick a logical mistake or unreal graphics throughout a film nowadays. Just when we thought no film could ever outsmart us, here comes '24', defying all odds or ideas up in your mind!

    When we want the best pasta around, fresh and quality ingredients are as essential as a good cook itself. Of course, a good cook who comes with an excellent recipe is the one winning the hearts of hungry customers. Relating it with the film;

Customers   : Audiences who are craving for a good film 
Cook            :  Director Vikram Kumar, fame of  Yavarum Naalum (13B)
Recipe          :  Home-made story and screenplay by Vikram Kumar 
Ingredients : Tirru's wonderful cinematography, a superb cameraman, good editing, praiseworthy visual effects, AR Rahman's pleasing yet mind-hooking background music and songs, performances by every single actor and actresses on screen, proper songs placement and visuals, natural comedy scenes throughout although infrequent, make-up artists, stylists and you could go on listing everyone in the team behind this film.

    It's not that I wouldn't want to mention Suriya's superb triple role performances in this film or the gorgeous Samantha who finally manages to blend her beauty with exceptional acting skills, but the screenplay and story itself was overpowering and engulfing everything that comes through it!  '24' is a science-fiction film that finally works and should be praised for it's exemplary attempt.

Conclusion: Go for it without any doubt and buckle up for the time travel ride of your life! 

Ratings: 9/10