Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Plot - 7/10
Action/Thriller - 8/10
Cinematography - 9/10
Overall - 8/10

The year's most anticipated film in Tamil Industry is finally rocking in cinemas near you beginning today. I would like to be honest with two things, one I'm a fan of Venkat Prabhu's direction and secondly I'm not a Thala's fan. Vijay had always been my favourite but after watching Mankatha, Thala stole my heart!!!!

As what the plot was buzzed around with, Mankatha revolves around a Mafia gambling gang and so it was afterall. ( SPOILER ALERTS ). First scene of the film will definitely pump your heart at max rate because this is one hell of a way to introduce Thala in his 50th film. Not only that, people will start going mad when 'Vilayadu Mankatha ' song is set early in this film! The only downfall of the film was the first half where some scenes were so easily predictable and the plot develops slow and steadily. At a point you will be feeling bored to death if you predicted all upcoming scenes and if you did just like me than you just took Venkat Prabhu's mega bait !!! When you are hooked to your own mind-plot and when it all goes with a flow, second half of the film will make you stand up and whistle for the direction. It was all about MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY....UMMAH.

Direction wise, Venkat Prabhu sir had developed much since Goa and his direction keeps on getting better and better and better.Premji Amaren, famous for his comedy tracks did a few laugh-out-loud scenes only and we know there was better comedies in Chennai 600028 or Goa but that doesn't matter much in an action-thriller film. Ajith sir too had comedy scenes with Premji which tickles your stomach as they produce unforgettable scenes. Truthfully, all credits should go to the cinematographer and film editors Sakthi Saravanan and Praveen/Srikanth. Editing was stunning, actions were amazing and Thala was rocking the ground in every single appearances !!!!!!

Not forgetting our Action King, a special op Police Ofiicer who tracks gambling activities and somehow plays cat and mouse with Ajith. No worries because you can finally see Action King and Thala on a one-one fighting scene in the climax which went with a twist that cramps your whole body. Thala is,was and will be the best villain of all time and all previous villains cannot be compared to Thala's style,dialogues,stunts and expressions.Yuvan's background score blended well with the film and songs which already topped the charts will make you sit and watch them playing instead of going to the washroom. On the other hand, Trisha was just a toy whom Thala was playing with and she did not execute on the main storyline much. Buzz was going around that Vijay was in the film but actually it was just a cinema scene where ' Vinnai Kappan Oruvan ' song was playing.One thing you can't expect to see in this film is real-life gambling scenes despite it being a gambling-mafia-money film. Ending credits shows some warm yet funny scenes from the film's shooting and you would go off smiling happily after watching those mini clips. Everyone played their parts well and credits should be given to Venkat Prabhu and his team.

Mankatha is being a massive hit in Malaysia during all first day shows since all tickets were sold out. I'm proud to say that I was the early ones to catch Mankatha on the big screen. Mankatha could easily be a blockbuster for all it's hype and could be equal to last year's Endhiran.

Despite being as an Ilayathalapathy's loyal fan, I trully loved Mankatha for it's uniqueness and thankfully it was not a typical Tamil mass masala film. Overall, Mankatha is thrilling, heart-pounding and mind-blowing although some scenes were predictable and slow but that should not stop anyone from watching it.



  1. Review is good and is interesting. Really wanna watch Mngatha as soon as possible....THALA VALGA

  2. Thanks For the review...

    I did not read it completely because of Spoiler Alert :)

    But I will refer your review before I post mine.

    All theaters are booked... So I cannot watch it tomorrow..

    Will watch it soon and get my voice review ASAP


  3. Suppan sir, thanks for even visiting my blog :D

  4. DON......climaxs scene enna achi? Heard that Ajith will die...true or not???

  5. bro super going to watch today MN Show...

    Im Vijay Fan..and Supporting Thala Thalabathy Unite..will give full support to Thala's 50th Mankatha...