Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm a bad bad bad bad boy!!! This song is all over my head right now.....well maybe that's why it was  placed in the credits cover up the whole flaw the film had throughout!

NEGATIVE POINTS : Let's cut short, the plot of the film was too predictable and the twist which they had in it will only satisfy a 6-year old kid. The film is a tamil action-masala film that seriously portrays Karthi as a mass hero, in this case, extreme mass hero. The first 5 minutes into the film where Alex Pandian is involved in a fight scene on a train will definitely prove to you that this film was just going to be a flop. Karthi's previous films especially Siruthai was way better than Alex Pandian. Moreover, Anushka was just for a glamour purpose and didn't appear much on screen. The action in the film is a major flaw as it lacked style and cool punch dialogues. The villains' acting in these film was the worst I've seen in tamil cinema but I don't blame the actors as director Suraj needs to wake up!

POSITIVE POINTS: Karthi-Santhanam combo rocks on! Super comedy all the way to the interval but not really the best of the best. Karthi pulled off his role as a mass hero very well and his dialogue's timing was good to hear. The songs in the film had brought life to the wilting plot and all five songs were better on screen than on your mp3 players.

Overall, Alex Pandian is a sheer disappointment all the way long. Deserved stars for Karthi, Santhanam and songs only. Avoid spoiling your Ponggal celebrations.......

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