Friday, July 10, 2015


India's most expensive film yet has seen the light of release today. The doubt of not catching the film at least once in cinemas is already considered a sin thus the reason behind the review today is whether or not Bahubali could stand tall besides Hollywood films today.

The effort from the entire team can be seen clearly from the moment the title was literally pulled up to the very last scene in the film where the biggest twist awaits you. No doubts, full marks for the performances of all the actors and actresses on screen and a big applause for the make-up team and all the people behind the technical aspects of the film. I'm sure all the other review sites will have plenty to praise about the film.

To cut short, let me just bring up the negatives. Honestly I wished I was the type who didn't bother about all this minor issues in the films. For the effort and money spend on this epic drama, I wished I could score it a full mark but nothing could ever be perfect. The first half of the film brings us to a romance adventure journey which is filled with unnecessary songs, predictable romance and a mass hero with superhuman abilities blended with logic-bending stunts. Post interval, the film begins to pick up speed in screenplay and eventually gears up for 'The Lord of the Rings' phenomena blended with the style of Indian cinema, which also means logic needs a rest again. The use of CGI is extremely heavy in this film and has been above average on most scenes. A few scenes felt like drawings on walls or cheap-like animation we see on television. Although it doesn't live up to your Hollywood standards, it is definitely one of the best use of CGI in Indian cinema, bearing in mind there's still a lot of room to improve.

Nevertheless like I've mentioned, missing this film on the big screen is a huge mistake and instead of regretting in the future, stop thinking twice and go get the tickets for it now already!

Conclusion: When you're dining in a gourmet restaurant, it's best not to be extremely fussy on how your food tastes. Just sit back, relax and enjoy what you're in for!

Ratings: 7.0 out of 10

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