Friday, July 3, 2015



It's barely two months since the release of Kamal's Uttama Villain and yet we have another chance of catching him on screen again. Away with make-ups and costumes, Kamal sir has returned by being truly himself in Papanasam.

Knowing it's a remake of a Malayalam film and the status that the original film got for itself, I went in for Papanasam with pretty high hopes and expectations. The million dollar question is, was it worth it?

Papanasam, a family-centered drama and thriller indeed has more positives to balance it's minor flaws. Scenes around the village, the slang used, small comedic scene that tickles the inner you, powerful yet consistent dialogue deliveries and the emotions played by every single character in the film deserves a praise. There's no need to review Kamal's award-winning performance. He needs to get a new shelve to keep the awards that he's about to collect for both Uttama Villain and Papanasam. Ghibran's music needs to be brought out in the light too as he knows how to grip audiences with his background music.

The only thing that pulls down this masterpiece is the length of the film. A few scenes came up as repeats and sometimes certain scenes were shown at length to showcase the situation. Yes it does build up suspense but there's always a limit as the audience would want to see the very next scene already. Just a little issue to deal with nonetheless the direction by Jeethu Joseph backed up by good camerawork and neat editing keeps audience engaged throughout the film.

Go for the film at least once to experience a quality drama thriller the Tamil cinema has not seen for some time. Without gimmicks, unwanted songs, group dances or physic defying scenes, Papanasam will definitely delight and hook you on your seats.

Conclusion: Get ready to feel a fresh breath of air on screen and grip on for the ride!

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