Saturday, July 18, 2015


An ace director, a reputable actor, chart-busting songs and an all-exciting teasers and trailer has led to a mega-proportion of expectation for this Dhanush flick. With the premiere shows being put on hold all over the world a couple of days back, fans just couldn't hold on to the hype anymore. So going in with a full-house cinema and mind-boggling hype, will Maari satisfy the fans like how VIP managed to pull off?

The only thing you can never question about Maari is how well the technical team has lifted the film throughout. Be it the camerawork or cinematography, those guys can be proud of what the film had produced. The other positive points would be Robo Shankar's comedy scenes, Anirudh's touch in the film and the performance by Dhanush throughout the film.

Now here's why Maari doesn't work. Predictable storyline, repetition of scenes, draggy screenplay, Anirudh's repeating background music, overdose of 'massy' scenes without any justifications, overlong slow-mo shots and most probably one of the worst climax scenes I've seen for this year alongside 'Kanchana 2'. Running for only 2 hours and 18 minutes, audiences were already grunting at how long the journey was going to be. Some people left the theater even before the film actually ended and that pretty much sums up what you're in for!

Conclusion: Style over substance commercial flick strictly for the hardcore fans.

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